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May 12, 2020

Greetings from Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care.

I am writing regarding an urgent matter that may negatively impact access to home care for your child.

Medicaid is undoubtedly one of the largest political hot buttons in our country. Of course, most of the controversy stems from a provision in the Affordable Care Act that called for expanding Medicaid eligibility in order to cover more low-income Americans. Now, with millions of Americans unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise in the ranks of those eligible for Medicaid threatens state budgets at a time when they are already being negatively impacted by the loss of revenue due to COVID-19.

Predictably, state governments are beginning to talk about having to balance budgets by making cuts to their Medicaid programs. Unfortunately, when state governments implement Medicaid cuts, they spread the cuts like peanut butter across all state Medicaid programs. Rather than use a scalpel to carve out essential programs, they use a shot gun and decimate them all. This approach is shortsighted, because some Medicaid programs save the states considerable money by reducing hospitalization costs. 

This is most certainly the case with the Medicaid programs that fund private duty nursing services in the home for medically fragile children such as yours. These exceptional children are the most vulnerable patient population in the country. As you know so well, they are only able to live at home if they receive the proper nursing care required to maintain and sustain their lives. Many states are failing to meet their obligation to provide adequate access to home care for these children. Reducing Medicaid reimbursement rates for these programs will further impact access to home care.

Politicians need to put aside partisanship and forget Medicaid expansion biases when it comes to funding Medicaid programs for medically fragile children. These programs are already seriously underfunded. Please contact your state representatives and state Medicaid agency and urge them not to reduce reimbursement rates for private duty nursing.

Please click here to access this letter and contact information for your state legislators and Medicaid program.

Best regards,



Greg Serrao, Chairman and CEO

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