The Benefits of Working in Pediatric Home Care Nursing

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Pediatric Home Care Nursing is a meaningful career that brings value to both patients and nurses. For nurses interested in pursuing this opportunity, there are many benefits. 

Flexibility with Schedule

Home care nurses have the freedom to create a flexible schedule that works best for them. Companies in this industry, like Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care, offer full-time, part-time, and PRN (as needed) positions. Companies like Thrive SPC can help you create a schedule where you feel fulfilled and not overwhelmed. This flexibility can help you at any stage of your career, whether you are just starting or want to take the next step in your career. Schedules can often be created which are family-friendly, allowing you the flexibility you need to balance work and family. With a team of nurses for each client, you can easily swap shifts when you need to change days or times.   

Specialize Your Nursing Services

As Pediatric Home Care Nurses progress in their careers, they often build new skills that they wouldn’t necessarily learn if they were in a hospital setting; these include high-tech nurse skills such as tracheostomy and ventilator care.

When pediatric patients are discharged to home care, many will still require specialized care based on their medical needs. At Thrive SPC, we provide specializations in pediatric care for a wide range of medical complexities.

Deeper Connection with Patients & Families

Working as a Pediatric Home Care Nurse is ideal for those who enjoy interacting and forming close bonds with their patients and their families. All medical care takes place in the comfort of a patient’s home, their school, or their community. This means that you learn more about the patients, their families, and/or their caregivers. Thrive SPC values the connection our clinicians have with every one of our patients. Many nurses remain for years with the same patient. Unlike a hospital length of stay, high acuity pediatric patients often need care for up to five years or more.

Work with a Diversity of Patients

Pediatric Home Care Nursing gives nurses the ability to serve patients from various backgrounds. The minute you step into a new patient’s home, you are meeting an individual with different upbringings, cultures, traditions, and customs. By experiencing a diversity of patients first-hand, you can create rewarding relationships while also broadening your worldview. 


Unlike nurses who work in a larger hospital setting, Pediatric Home Care Nurses work in non-traditional settings where they might be the sole medical providers for their patients. While Pediatric Home Care Nurses, like all nurses at Thrive SPC, are part of a larger team, they often make real-time decisions for their patients using their critical-thinking skills. This can help you gain the confidence you need as a nurse to provide the best care possible. 

Pediatric Home Care Nurses have the power to make an impact on every patient they work with. At Thrive SPC we support our nurses with the following necessary tools and training so they can provide compassionate care for medically fragile children in their homes:

  • Ongoing job-specific training and mentoring, including nursing and therapy preceptor programs
  • Virtual and in-person clinical and skills training
  • Case-specific training, including vent and trach training
  • Education library for sharing with families
  • Dietitians and respiratory technicians on staff to assist with feeding issues
  • In-home iPads for every case
  • Electronic charting in real time for all cases  
  • 24/7 support by local managers


Jul 2, 2024


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