Team Spotlight: Meet Kaylee Goodrich-Haas

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Kaylee Goodrich-Haas is the Area Clinical Director of Visits and Therapy Operations at Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care in the Conroe, Texas office. Learn more about Kaylee and her experience working at Thrive SPC.

Kaylee Began Her Career in Home Health in 2010

Since she was 10 years old, Kaylee knew she wanted to pursue Occupational Therapy. She started as a respite care employee for a pediatric company while attending school full-time before receiving her master’s in Occupational Therapy in 2014. After graduating, Kaylee took a break from home health and began working in a pediatric clinic. However, she missed the flexibility of home health and seeing patients and families in their homes, so she decided to return to the field in a leadership role.

Kaylee’s Thrive SPC Journey

In 2019, Kaylee joined Thrive SPC as a 50/50 Therapy Program Supervisor; she spent 50% of her time doing patient care and the other 50% doing administrative tasks and growing the team. By 2021, she moved into the Senior Therapy Program Supervisor position, supporting the therapy division. And starting in May 2024, she became the Area Clinical Director of Visits and Therapy Operations.

Thrive SPC Offers Kaylee a Place to Grow as a Clinical Leader

Before arriving at Thrive SPC, Kaylee was looking for ways to flourish in her career. “I came to Thrive SPC looking for an opportunity to grow as a clinical leader,” she says. “I was also looking for a culture that valued who you are as a clinician and all that we bring to the table.”

When she began with Thrive SPC in 2019, the Conroe, Texas office only included Kaylee and two PRN field staffers. In just three years, Kaylee and her Therapy Scheduler Mireya built a team of 30 therapists who serve over 200 patients.

Kaylee Finds Fulfillment Every Day at Thrive SPC

Kaylee has her own personal reasons why she pursued Occupational Therapy. During her time with Thrive SPC, she has helped fulfill the company’s purpose of providing high-quality clinical home care to medically fragile children so they can grow and flourish to their full potential.

Kaylee’s biggest reward of working at Thrive SPC is the impact she makes every day. “My favorite thing about this job is knowing that we are touching the lives of so many families and children.”

Join Kaylee and Work at Thrive SPC

For any health professional looking for a compassionate and impactful place to work, Thrive SPC is the perfect place. “The thing that sets us aside is our culture,” Kaylee explains. “We know that healthy balanced employees are people who can take better care of our kids and our ultimate mission is to take care of more children and our communities and support these families.”

Thrive SPC recognizes all employees are individuals with lives outside of work which is why we offer a great work-life balance. For Kaylee, it means the opportunity to succeed in her role while allowing time to spend with her husband, two-year-old son, and her very energetic Black Lab.


Jun 24, 2024


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