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6100 Bandera Road, Suite 305
San Antonio, TX 78238

6100 Bandera Road, Suite 305, San Antonio, Texas 78238

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Services Available in West San Antonio, TX

About Our West San Antonio, TX Location

Thrive SPC’s San Antonio West office team works tirelessly to support our nurses and therapists in the field so that they can focus on providing the highest quality care for your child. We are also proud Texans who love giving back to those in need in our community. Thank you for trusting us to care for your child!

Nursing Services in West San Antonio, TX

If your sick or medically fragile child needs nursing services in San Antonio, Texas, we’re here for you. Our compassionate, highly trained nurses are there for your children on their best days, worst days, and everything in between. They strive to make a difference and help your child grow and flourish to their full potential while offering respite to the family members who support them.

When you need aid, our nurses provide specialty care services that will help your child thrive. This includes 24/7 professional nursing, continuous 1:1 care in the home and at school, compassionate support, and education for families of medically fragile children.

Therapy Services in West San Antonio, TX

As they grow, babies and children learn to use their bodies to explore their environment, communicate, and complete activities related to daily living. They develop skills that build upon each other known as “developmental milestones.”

When a child isn’t reaching these developmental milestones along their expected timeline, therapy may be required. Speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy can all be used to aid children in reaching these milestones. Our therapists in San Antonio, Texas provide creative methods to help children achieve their highest capability in eating, moving, speaking, and personal care so they can thrive.

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