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1303 82nd Street, Suite 800
Lubbock, TX 79423

1303 82nd Street, Suite 800, Lubbock, TX 79423

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Services Available in Lubbock, TX

About Our Lubbock, TX Location

The Lubbock team is a spunky group that strives each day to provide high quality clinical home care for medically fragile children. Our team works extremely well with one another to deliver the best customer service possible for patient families and staff. We seek to offer the best possible pediatric home health experience for Lubbock and the surrounding areas we serve in our three-hour radius! We pride ourselves on communication, compassion, and dependability. 

Nursing Services in Lubbock, Texas

Your child can create memorable moments and reach milestones with our team’s nurses. They are there for your children on their best days, worst days, and everything in between. They make a difference by providing respite for families of medically fragile children and compassionate care to your child.

Our professional, specially-trained nurses in Lubbock, Texas provide the care needed to help your medically fragile child thrive. Whether it’s 24/7 professional nursing, continuous 1:1 care in the home and at school, compassionate support, or education for families of medically fragile children, they are there to grant you peace of mind.

Therapy Services in Lubbock, Texas

As babies and children grow, they learn to use their bodies to explore their environment, communicate, and complete activities of daily living. The skills they develop build upon each other and are called “developmental milestones.” If your child isn’t reaching these milestones along their expected timeline, therapy may be required.

Our therapists in Lubbock, Texas provide creative methods to help children reach these milestones and achieve their highest capability in eating, moving, speaking, and personal care. They do this through speech, physical, and occupational therapy that will help your child achieve independence.

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