Respiratory Care

Tracheostomy Care

Children commonly require tracheostomies to bypass airway obstructions or to allow for mechanical ventilation. Airway obstruction may stem from trauma, tumors, infections, or structural airway abnormalities. Neurologic or neuromuscular disorders put children at risk for choking and aspiration, and progressive muscular weakness or degeneration may hamper their ability to breathe. These children often need tracheostomies to manage secretions, avoid aspiration, and allow mechanical ventilation.

anthony and lisa

It’s scary for the families to bring their kids home for the first time. They’re going to have equipment coming in; they’re going to have therapists coming in. Nurses help to facilitate, take care of everything, and let the family know they’re doing a good job, and to make sure that this child grows and thrives.

- Anthony's Mom

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two nurses reading with little girl