The nationwide formula shortage continues, both Abbott and Kate Farms have multiple recalls. This multipage PDF gives offers helpful information on the recalls and product returns.

Home Medical Solutions

We Are Leaders in Home Medical Solutions and Nutrition

Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care is a trusted leader in home medical solutions. Our team focuses on one thing: providing quality healthcare care for children. Dedicated respiratory therapists, customer service reps, dietitians, and medical equipment delivery techs are all part of Thrive SPC’s circle of compassionate care.

Our in-home care services and durable medical equipment help medically fragile children achieve increased independence. This allows patients to participate in family activities and move more freely within their homes and communities.

We have served children and supported their families through enteral nutrition, respiratory therapy, and DME delivery for over 20 years. Our home medical solutions support our purpose of providing home care to children so that they can grow and flourish to their full potential.

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Johnson Family Story

“Our patients consistently receive excellent service and care from Thrive SPC. Equipment is always delivered in a timely manner, along with expert training and support for our patients and families. Thrive SPC treats all of us like family.”

- Dr. Jonathan Popler, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite

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Enteral Nutrition, Supplies, and Therapy

(Available in Georgia and Virginia)

Thrive SPC offers a complete Enteral Therapy Program to support your family! Our expert technicians and dietitians will set up your equipment, answer your questions, and support you every step of the way. We provide:

  • Family and caregiver education and training
  • Consultations with dietitians to ensure successful feeding
  • A large inventory of supplies, feeding pumps, and many formulas available for purchase and delivery, with easy reorder through our convenient mobile app! Email to get started TODAY!
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Respiratory Care

(Available in Georgia and Virginia)

Our expert Respiratory Therapists will help secure and set up all necessary equipment, and train your family on respiratory care in the home and for travel, so your child can participate more fully in life. We provide:

Once you are on service with us, you will be set up for EASY reorder at your fingertips through our McKesson VerbalCare app. Already a customer?Email to get started with the app TODAY!

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In-Home Durable Medical Equipment

(Available in Georgia and Virginia)

We seek to create and operate in the entire medical ecosystem that surrounds patients. Thrive SPC offers a large variety of durable medical equipment (DME) suited for home use and services to aid in your child’s care. Our at-home equipment includes: