Care begins with compassion

Our mission is to compassionately support children with complex medical conditions, their families, and the communities that provide healthcare and other necessary services to these exceptional children.

How we help

Thrive Cares Foundation expands Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care’s purpose of providing high quality clinical home care to medically fragile children by making funds available to support the following:

  • Costs incurred by patients and families for home adaptation, medical equipment and supplies, after-life expenses, and costs related to travel for special medical procedures.

  • Programs that provide care to medically underserved children.

  • The Foundation’s Short-Term Emergency Assistance Program, established to provide Thrive SPC team members with funds to help cope with an emergency hardship due to a sudden and severe personal or family crisis.

  • Scholarships at selected nursing schools.

About Us

Thrive Cares Foundation was founded to advance Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care’s core values of Social Responsibility and Compassion. We are a tax-exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with complex medical conditions. By assisting them in obtaining access to healthcare and related services, they can grow and flourish to their full potential.

Funding for the Thrive Cares Foundation comes from Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care, team members of Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care, and individuals and organizations that embrace our mission and share our deep-rooted desire to assist those in need.

Thrive Cares Giving Day is an annual event to engage Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care team members to embrace our mission and support our cause.

For more information on Thrive Cares Foundation, please contact Julie DeSilva at or 781-486-4123.