Melanie Fischer
Chief Quality Officer

Melanie draws from a comprehensive career to contribute to Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care’s leadership team. She was the founder and developer of a pediatric home health agency in 1990 that, like Thrive, was based on a drive for clinical excellence, comprehensive services, and compassionate care for children and their families. As a registered nurse with more than 25 years of business ownership and executive management experience, she is uniquely qualified to ensure that Thrive meets the highest standards of clinical care in the constantly changing health care industry–with a goal of setting a benchmark for excellence in the pediatric home health care space. Melanie is deeply committed to advocating for and advancing policies at the individual, local, and national levels to ensure the best possible care for children and families with special needs. As a mother of a special needs child herself, she recognizes the special place home health care employees hold within families. Melanie is passionate and unyielding in her commitment to providing compassionate and comprehensive care to help families embrace, love, and care for their children and give those children the opportunity to grow and flourish to their full potential.

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